DJ Phil Andrews... The History

For DJ Phil Andrews it all started back in the early 90's where his love of club music unfolded. With a "studio" early established in his bedroom at his parents house, it became a frequent haunt for many friends at weekends.

Phil was an early starter when it came to Pirate Radio enjoying the glory days of the early 90's with some of the Essex based pirates, pioneering the Soul & Dance sector of what was a mainstream pop pirate. . Under a name of Tony Jackson in those days he continued to enjoy playing to the FM and even Shortwave crowd ! Following a number of studio raids Phil decided to hang up his headphones in the late 90's.

In 2003 the bug bit him again, moving to a new house and having the space to build a purpose built office / studio. This time moving away from illegal broadcasting on the FM band and moving into the future of broadcasting the internet. Now working on a number of internet radio stations and fulfilling various bookings, Phil is enjoying every moment of it!!

Phil can be heard playing anything between Deep House , Trance , Progressive , Funky and even a sliver of cheese every now and again!

He currently hosts a radio show on Househeads Radio each and every Thursday night at 8PM UK time. Feel free to click on the banner below to visit the website. The radio station boasts one of the best quality audio feeds around with the addition of a free video chatroom for it's listeners to interact with the live DJ.