CD-3000 Photo

The long awaited arrival of the Pioneer CDJ-3000 branded as “A New Dimension” has finally become available. Since Pioneer’s launch, everyone from the Denon camp has had their say highlighting the features that their player has over the new Pioneer offering. Having been a dedicated fan of Pioneer over the years, on my first look I was, as many, disappointed with the lack of bells and whistles. However, there have been some exciting new features that have been added that will greatly improve the overall performance. Pioneer are still adding and improving features, for example Tidal and Beatport integration. More to come on this if the word on the street is correct…

At present, there are plentiful reviews and guides already available on the net and are well documented.
Are the Pioneer CDJ-3000 A New Dimension ? Whilst testing the new units they soon became very familiar, for instance, only within a few minutes I was up and playing, navigating my way around them as if we were old friends. The new screen and waveforms made this a pleasure, the jog wheels a delight and along with their artwork display In conclusion… I liked them ? Yes I really do!

Now for my grumbles…. Looking on the Pioneer Forums, following their release date, early adopters such as myself have noted there are numerous glitches. For example, my post on the Forum relating to CUE Link on the DJM900NXS. Some of the items which you would expect to have been caught on beta testing. Some really shouldn’t have made it past beta testing!

I guess my real moan is that in keeping it’s release a global secret, Pioneer have not managed to fully test. Given the high cost of the £2,000+ player, I would have expected that Pioneer would have wanted to release a relatively flawless product because of its reputation. As as early adopter you could say it was inevitable. In other words, should I have waited for the bugs to be ironed out? On the flip side should Pioneer have released without comprehensive testing? I’ll let you make your own mind up. I’m sure all will be fine going forward once the Firmware has been upgraded…. We wait in anticipation for the Pioneer CDJ-3000 to be enhanced and de-bugged.