covid-19, virus, coronavirus , covid
covid-19, virus, coronavirus

Did Covid Kill or Kindle the DJ?

Something I’ve been wondering about as I sit here still trying to shield. Did Covid Kill or Kindle the DJ in our current world? We have seen the massive upturn in DJ’s streaming from home by both new and established DJ’s. Of course nothing new to me, I’ve been plugging away for years online.

With all the DJ’s now competing for your viewing time who do you choose to watch / listen to and and what platfrom ? The annoyance of interrupted streaming for copyright from Facebook and You Tube clearly distracts from the viewing pleasure. The up and coming service from is a perfect answer to this, it’s 100% legal no copyright issues that’s all taken care of by your “Live” Subscription, Mixcloud pay the record company and artists. Sounds great I know! It’s in it’s infancy right now, the biggest issue for DJ’s of less than superstar status gaining viewers just by streaming alone is a tough game. We’ll talk more about this in a future post. One thing is for sure us DJ’s are not going away any time soon.