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2020 has certainly brought its challenges. How many of us could imagine the difficulties that we have all faced in so many different ways. Holidays in the Island of Ibiza planned so far in advance, exciting long haul travel plans, short weekend trips and time away with loved ones. The reaction of individuals reached both ends of the spectrum because we had been instructed to stay home. This wasn’t a war or invasion of an enemy. It was an attempt to control widespread contagion of a virus that started overseas.

Some may argue that this is no more than the flu that kills many thousands of people every year. However, that doesn’t get reported accurately either in the press or through other media. Some may conclude that this was a political attempt to gain censorship or remove our freedom or control of our lives. However, whatever you believe to be correct or perceive to be accurate is the fact that many people have lost their lives.

I couldn’t have imagined that I would not get back to our beloved island of Ibiza. Oh how I miss that place! Such a special place that brings so many exciting times for us year on year. When we think about changing our location, it draws us back. It is as though we have missed our check in or lost our way geographically around the world! 2020 continued to be challenging and yet we dared to believe that we could get back to our beloved island of Ibiza. I couldn’t bear to think that we would still be here, because that meant facing up to Covid.

Resilience kept going despite several more hurdles, death of a close and sincere friend, unexpectedly, taken abruptly. Life stopped for a moment. Note to self: got to keep going, keep strong. Allowing my mind to wander yet again to find some solace somewhere…

That island of Ibiza was getting further away. My hopes and dreams fading in the distance. With all of the stresses of the year I had forgotten one of the most important things…… Can you imagine a world without music? Music was my safe place, my sanctity, my self preservation, how could I have forgotten this?

Music takes you to a place of forgotten times, distant memories and moments in time. It cleanses your soul and revives you. I had embraced so much of this during my amazing times on the island of Ibiza. I experienced vast genres of music that I never had even thought of listening too. Dance and house music, funky house, trance and soulful sessions. What a place! It has been and will always be, my special place, where you can be you, no judgement, no rules just pure freedom to let your mind and soul embrace the magic of the island of Ibiza. The music…

Covid is still here and everywhere, but there will always be music. It lifts you, reminds you of lost and loved ones and helps you regain and fight on with all the resilience you need. We will get back there one day, when it is safe to do so but until then, we will fight this and get there and dance the night away.

Written By Jules